Dr. Lafont

Mastering Flow

Damien Lafont, PhD

PHYSICS AND THE MIND – Damien Lafont, Ph.D. is a physicist, peak performance and mental training expert, author and educator in the field of human potential. After working as a researcher at the prestigious NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, he joined Mental Training Inc. in the USA and started working with elite and Olympic athletes in major sports including tennis, swimming, UFC, BMX, and golf.

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Mental training, flow and peak performance

Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Dr Lafont provides peak performance mentoring to athletes, performers and business executives.


Talks, seminars and conferences

He has spoken at NASA, University of Southern California, Swiss Tennis, Yale University, California Institute of Technology, ITF Tennis and Science Conference, Penn State University, Melbourne University, Victoria University and recently at the Australian Open Coaches’ Conference. 


Mind, Flow and Consciousness

Inspired and trained by the greatest teachers in positive psychology, human potential, and neuropsychology, Damien teaches others how to use the unlimited power of their mind to build an unstoppable mindset, grow inner strengths and become happier. Deeply involved in the sport and consciousness field, Dr Lafont is member of the Sport Energy Consciousness Group, collective of doctors, psychologists, scientists, world class athletes, and leading-edge coaches who provide transformational practices that translate the wisdom of sport’s “Ideal Performance State” into practical training methods.

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Flow, attention and cognition research

After his pioneering work on gaze control and flow, Dr Lafont is currently involved in a research projects on athletic performance, neurophysiology and consciousness.

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Mastery, flow and consciousness

Dr Lafont’s research about peak performance has seen him collaborate with the world’s best elite sportspeople, musicians, dancers, and artists, and spiritual masters – many appear in several books he has authored and co-authored including Back to the Zone – sport and inner experiences; and Your True Nature – Wisdom of Living Masters with his partner Natalie Deane.


RESEARCH Flow, Mind & Consciousness

I’m currently involved in several research and applied research projects in the field of peak performance, flow, sync, and group flow and dynamics. Here are the hot topics!

Flow, Zone and Peak Performance

Flow and Zone are definitively my soft spot! My research on the flow state is an ongoing process since +20 years when I first experience an entire tennis match, then the entire tournament in a total zone. My will to understand and find a way to live it again and share this amazing experience with others have been the driving force being my work. The first step was the publication of my first book Back to the Zone, with an extensive review about flow and zone, and some simple practices to create and sustain flow. Since,  I’ve work into simplifying, and identifying the core principles of flow and sync so we can all benefit of the recent advances in neurosciences. My mission is to help high-performers develop higher consciousness.

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Alpha Training and Flow

We study the best combination of alpha, theta, gamma and delta brainwaves to create, enhance and sustain optimum state of wellbeing and consciousness. The application are many: faster learning, recovery, healing, creativity …etc.

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Sync and Flow

We have an holistic view of the athlete or any high-peformer. This vision is about wholeness. One heart, mind, consciousness – and one with everything else. To develop and strengthen this sense and experience of oneness which is known as the most powerful driving force, we use the power of brainwave entrainement, heart coehrence and the combinations of few essentials elements to create sync within and with our environment.

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Flow, Attention, Anticipation, Learning and Memory

We conduct research about attention control and performance. The research project takes place in New Zeland with elite tennis players, with focus on learning and anticipation mechanisms. This research follows the extensive work on attention and anticipation conducted since 2005. The results are already surprising and will be released soon …

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Some nice words from great people

“ Damien is comfortable wearing many hats: scientist, philosopher, mental trainer, attention expert, and elite-level tennis coach. His tireless investigation of flow continues to shine a light on this extraordinary experience of human peak performance we call “The Zone.” Many thanks, Damien”.

Scott Ford
Author, Founder of Sport Energy CONSCIOUSNESS / OMNI ATHLETE

“I started working with Damien 4 weeks before my first World Title fight. His work is simple and really effective. He gets your mind ready for the worst situation. It was easy for me to be ready mentally before my fight. I am really looking foward to working with him more for my upcoming fights in UFC.”

Tarec Saffiedine

“Damien’s studies and teachings have proven to be effective in developing strength and most importantly awareness that is often times muted by outside distractions. He helped me begin to break down the barriers that have prevented me from reaching my full potential, and for this I am thankful.”

Kim Vandenberg

Performance Enhancing Music

Samsung x Optus Olympics | Performance Enhancing Music
With no fans in Tokyo, Samsung and Optus’ project was to show our support without even being there. We brought together science and art to create audio tracks designed to enhance athlete’s performances. Watch the making of Performance Enhancing Music.

Listen to the tracks

Interview for Omni Athlete with Josh Crist

I”m happy to be part of Omni Athlete. The mission is to elevate consciousness through sport. In this episod of Omni Athlete  with Josh Crist, I talk about consciousness,  selfleness, flow, sync and love! 

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Expanding Consciousness, Flow State and Power of Group Intention: Interview with Matt Belair

We are living a new era where ancient wisdom meets new tech and a new way to interact and connect. Damien and Matt discuss the way to cultivate flow and connect at a global scale. From Zen to quantum physics the messages are merging on the same path: wholeness.



I’m very fortunate and grateful to travel the world and have the opportunity to share my passion. Here are some place I had the change to work, teach and speak:


I feel really grateful to have some great athletes and researchers who endorsed Back to the Zone. Here are some of them:

“Informative, well-written and inspirational. Absolutely one of my favourites! “

Tyler McCandless
world-class distance runner, Team USA

“Words often feel inadequate to describe the quasi-mystical state of ”being in the Zone”. Damien Lafont’sBack to the Zone remarkably achieves a new level of understanding it insightfully using the voices of those who experienced it, blending them as in a Bach’s fugue, as in a collective jazz improvisation. Reading this book, we feel closer to it, we feel it.”

Marco Iacoboni
Professor, UCLA, Author, Mirroring People: The Science of Empathy and How We Connect with Others

““A unique book which allowed me to put words on feelings, to understand that what I was experiencing was not just in my mind because of extreme efforts. I recommend Back to the Zone to any athlete and for those who once experienced this fantastic state and try to live it again. Once we touch it – nothing is ever the same. Thanks to Damien Lafont for his work so useful to finally understand better the mind-body connection in the flow.”

Pierre-Michael Micaletti,
Ultra runner, World record 6 days/nights

I had the chance “to enter” the Zone once in my life. It was October 14, 2000 in Munich during my final at the all categories world championship of karate . That moment changed my life and it is still very present. I will never forget how I felt. This book helped me understand what happened ten years earlier, allowed me to put into words, to see that I am not the only one who had this experience, to see it seems less taboo to talk about it and finally that I’m not crazy. 

Christophe Pinna
Karate World Champion, France

“Back to the Zone” is a must read for any athlete wanting to gain that extra edge to take them to the top in any given sport or hobby. An excellent read, interesting and informative with simple instructions on reaching your potential. Hugely recommended for artists and performers or anyone wanting to achieve mental clarity.”

Freya Prumm
Pro Surfer, Australia – ASP Women’s World Tour